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The Tomatoes you probably need to grow

Tomatoes are most likely the first vegetable (I mean fruit) you think of when someone says they have a vegetable garden at home. Tomatoes have been around a long time, they are easy to grow and, go really great with just about any recipe you can think of.

Getting back to the "easy to grow" part. I realized in order for myself to want to continue gardening for the long term I needed to at least start by sticking with plants and varieties that were "proven". Proven meaning they have been around for a while and generally most people, even new to gardening, have success with them.

After I had built a couple of raised beds, my spirit, was full of optimism and the desire to stick with tradition, so I of course, planted all heirloom varieties of tomatoes and only grabbed couple of selections that were not heirloom.

Guess which ones produced the best. The non-heirloom varieties.

What does this mean? It does not mean plant all hybridized varieties. It just means, give it some thought. Are you new to gardening? You may want to start with varieties that are proven. There are certain hybridized tomatoes that are sold just about everywhere because most people have success with them. They grow and produce an abundance of tomatoes with fewer pest and disease problems. In order to stick with something long term it's probably best to start with the easier plants and then down the road start throwing caution to the wind and plant tomatoes that are perhaps a bit more "exotic" and slightly more finicky.

At this phase in my gardening experience, I like to grab half and half. Half my tomatoes are hybrid kinds that are consistent producers and the other half are heirloom that don't produce quite as much but give me color and shape variety and the sense that I am connecting with my great grandmother and her garden. I plant about 8-10 plants total so that when some aren't producing as much I have the others to harvest from.

My favorite Hybridized varieties of tomatoes: Celebrity, Sweet 100, La Roma, Sun Gold, Black Cherry and Better Boy.

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