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Maximize your Spring and Summer Landscape

In order to get the most out of your landscape this Spring and Summer, consider how often and how much you are cutting back your plants. One of the most common mistakes made is not cutting back plants at the right time or the right height which greatly affects the fullness and beauty of your outdoor space.

Assuming you have selected the best spot in your landscape, including correct sun exposure and, room to grow, here are a few tips on proper trimming and pruning.

Established evergreen shrubs should be trimmed at least one time a year to keep their natural form and thickness. Depending upon the height you are trying to maintain, cut back the tops and sides of the shrub at least 12” below the desired size to allow for natural re-growth throughout the year. Also, depending upon the variety, trim closer to the base as well, to allow for “branching”. This keeps the shrub full from top to bottom.

Established perennials should be cut back at least 3 times per year for maximum color display and fullness. Even healthy perennials begin to look “tired” or “woody” after a while. Most perennials in Texas do best when pruned 2/3 off, about 3 times per year. The best times to do this are late Spring, late Summer to early Fall, and late Fall.

As always, maintain a good layer of mulch in your landscape (2.5”-4”). Keep mulch away from the base of trees and plants. This can rot their outer bark and eventually kill the plant. Consistent watering is critical to the overall health of your landscape. Know your plants needs, know how much soil they are planted in and water accordingly.

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